All About Film Festivals


Friday, June 25 – Sunday, September 12, 2021

Film festivals are the coming together of filmmakers to screen their films while interacting with audiences and other filmmakers from around the world. Every year, film festivals take place all at various spots across the globe, with each festival having a unique vibe and characteristics. Capturing our attention with movie stars decked out on the red carpet and the throngs of paparazzi, in recent years it has also become a place to express solidarity, unity and protests of social issues.

This exhibition introduces film festivals around the world by displaying precious mementos such as colorful posters of film festivals with various designs, photos of filmmakers and trophies.

9am-5pm (Closed on Monday)
General admission fee: 200 yen / Elementary and Junior High Student 100yen
Movie tickets: 1000 yen / Elementary and Junior High Student 500 yen


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Actress / Director Kinuyo Tanaka