The Life of Oharu (西鶴一代女 (Saikaku Ichidai Onna))


“The Life of Oharu” is an acclaimed historical fiction film set during Japan’s Edo period, starring Kinuyo Tanaka as Oharu, a fallen concubine to a feudal Lord. Forced into prostitution by her father, Oharu suffers hardship after hardship at the hands of men, ending up a street prostitute and a wandering nun. Tanaka’s stunning performance and Mizoguchi’s innovative camera work and mastery of mise-en-scène make the film a landmark of Japanese film history. “The Life of Oharu” won the 1952 Venice International Film Festival’s International Award, which helped further elevate Mizoguchi’s international reputation.

1952 / 137min / 35mm / EnglishSubtitled

Director:Kenji Mizoguchi

Cast:Kinuyo Tanaka, Hisako Yamane, Toshiro Mifune, Jukichi Uno, Ichiro Sugai

Adult:¥1000 Child:¥500(under 15 years old)

Monday 12 Feb. 10:30 / 14:00,
Wednesday 14 Feb. 14:00,
Thursday 15 Feb. 14:00
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