The Magic that Makes Our Special Cinema Experience

The Magic that makes our special cinema experience, ehibition

Saturday, April 13, 2024 – Sunday, July 7, 2024

The institution of the cinema, where films can be enjoyed in all their big-screen glory, has a long history. Who of a certain era doesnʼ t remember fondly the hand-drawn picture signboards, or the poster-decorated lobby bustling with moviegoers? In the silent era, narrators known as katsudo-benshi drew audiences into the world of the film with their skillful storytelling, a heritage that continues to be passed down to this day. These days, screenings using celluloid film and requiring a projectionist have become all the more valuable for their relative scarcity. And then thereʼ s the program booklet, a staple of Japanese film culture that doubles as a precious souvenir of any cinema experience…

Through its combination of screenings, events and an exhibition, this showcase aims to shine a light on the institution of the cinema itself ‒ the very place where the “movie experience” is brought to life. The wide-ranging screening line-up features everything from works based on the theme of movies and movie theaters to films that deserve to be seen on the big screen. In todayʼ s digital age, the full movie theater experience has arguably become all too rare a treasure ‒ so please sit back and enjoy!

Memories You can Hold in Your Hands:

Pamphlets and programs sold at movie theaters, a staple of the cinematic experience in Japan, have long allowed cinemagoers to immerse themselves in the memory of a film long after watching it.

Some programs also included seating charts in the back, offering a fascinating insight into theaters of the time. In this exhibit, visitors can handle and view up close replicas of actual theatrical pamphlets, so please pick them up and take a look.

Visitors’ Voices: Movie Theater Memories:

In one corner of the exhibition, youʼ ll find a space where you can jot down your own thoughts beneath two headings: “Personal Japanese film favorites” and “Memorable cinematic journeys.” We invite you to share the name of any films you hold cherished memories of, those that spring to mind on the theme of journeys, or even which of the exhibited works have most intrigued you. We look forward to reading your comments!