Through the Eyes of Director HIROKAZU KORE-EDA

A renowned director and screenwriter who garners worldwide attention with each new release, Hirokazu Kore-eda is a vibrant presence on both the domestic and global cinematic landscape. This exhibition looks back over his illustrious career to date, while also exploring his perspective on the present and future of the film industry.

Though known primarily for his feature films, Kore-eda originally gained recognition for his documentary filmmaking during his time with independent production company TV Man Union. He brings a unique perspective to bear on issues facing contemporary society, using his films to question the nature of the family and to depict those who have fallen through society’s cracks. Always on the hunt for new themes, techniques, locations, and encounters, he adapts and evolves with each new work; his films are brimming with the possibilities of cinema. Through this exhibition and related screenings, we aim to explore his past and future as a director and the beloved world of his oeuvre, while also introducing some of the films that have influenced his work.

Films showing with English subtitles:

Shoplifters (2018)

A family of five, unrelated by blood, lead a seemingly content life despite relying on shoplifting to survive. One night, after encountering a young girl from the neighborhood who they suspect is being abused by her parents, they decide to take her in… A highlight of Kore-eda’s oeuvre which crystallizes his preoccupation with the question of what it means to be a family. Winner of the prestigious Palme d’Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Monster (2023)

An ambitious work whose story unfolds from a variety of perspectives – that of two young boys united by a secret bond, their emotionally disturbed school friends, and the adults around them – to slowly reveal the identity of a “monster”. The film was the last to be scored by Ryuichi Sakamoto, who passed away in March 2023 shortly before the film’s release. Its script, written by popular TV screenwriter Yuji Sakamoto, was awarded the Best Screenplay award at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.